Guide to Buying

Needs & Wants: Identifying what your heart's desire & basic needs are in a home will help us to find you the "perfect home" more quickly. In this competitive market "time is of the essence."


Be Prepared: Yes, with the low inventory of "homes for sale," you must be ready to submit an offer when you find the home you love! Getting you prepared to make an offer is one of our best skills. In our initial meeting we will guide you through the preparation process and get you started!


Education: Viewing homes is what we call "the education."  Viewing the homes together is critical for your ability to make an informed decision when the time comes to make an offer. We will walk you through the process of submitting an offer and go to work crafting your offer with the best strategy to make it a win-win for buyer and seller. That's how deals come together!


Whatever your goals are in buying a home, we would love the opportunity to be your Realtors. Our many years of experience will prove to be a huge benefit to you. Give either of us a call, text, or email to arrange a meeting to learn more and let's get this exciting journey started!

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